Opportunity to Tender

Request for Quotation: Cloud Based Systems Development and Associated Mobile Apps

You are invited to submit a quotation for the development and supply of a cloud based systems development for Glass Assist UK Limited

Please see the description below for an overview of the core system requirements.


Glass Assist UK Ltd is a UK wide Glass Repair, Glass replacement and Vehicle calibration service-based company. The company has been trading for over ten years, from its head office location in Meadowfield, County Durham. To meet increased demands and growth objectives the company has a requirement to develop a cloud-based operations and customer management system with associated Apps. The aim is to integrate all current management operations and stock-based requirements to meet rapidly increasing customer demands.


Key Requirements

System requirement for cloud-based operations and customer management to cover all aspects of Glass Assist UK Ltd, business requirements.

  1. User Registration/Login: Allow users to create accounts or log in using their credentials to access the booking system. With full user level control capabilities.
  2. Company Account setup for commercial accounts, allowing allocation and monitoring of all aspects of work for large corporate accounts. Will require some third-party integration with insurance companies.
  3. Vehicle Registration: Enable users to search vehicle registration for booking within the system, including details such as make, model, year, and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).
  4. Service Selection: Provide a list of available services such as glass replacement, glass repair, calibration, inspection, etc., with descriptions and pricing.
  5. Appointment Scheduling: Allow users to schedule appointments for vehicle work based on available time slots and servicing availability nationwide. Requirement for addition of company intelligence to be made available / integrated on bookings to allow users to benefit from shared intelligence for optimal booking performance. Use of AI tools to enhance system performance.
  6. Service History: Maintain a history of all services performed on account fleet vehicles, including dates, types of services, work status, and any notes relating to the work or admin.
  7. Notifications and Reminders: Send automated reminders to users, customers about upcoming appointments, events for work-based operations dates, integration with technicians.
  8. Technician Availability: Display the availability of technicians or service advisors to assist users in selecting suitable appointment times. Allow for monitoring of tech and vehicle availability.
  9. Online Payments: Integrate payment gateways to allow users to make payments for services online, either in advance or after the service is completed.
  10. Booking Management Dashboard: Provide an administrative dashboard for service managers to view and manage upcoming appointments, assign mechanics, and reschedule bookings if necessary. Variable data type dashboards required, calendar based, technician based, with full search and monitoring capabilities.
  11. Customer Feedback and Reviews: Allow users to provide feedback and reviews about their service experience, helping to improve service quality and build trust.
  12. Integration with Inventory System: If applicable, integrate with an inventory system to manage vehicle parts and ensure their availability for scheduled services.
  13. Mobile App Compatibility: mobile app functionality required for technician / staff use for work allocation, monitoring and status updates. Requires video and photo capabilities. Requires full system integration so all aspects on apps are mirrored on operations systems.
  14. Multi-location Support: Multiple Depots service centre’s national locations, provide the option to select a preferred location for service.
  15. Service Packages and Discounts: Offer bundled packages or discounts for corporate customers to meet corporate agreements relating to direct services and pricing.
  16. Reporting and Analytics: Generate reports on key metrics such as booking trends, revenue generated, customer satisfaction ratings, etc., to help in making informed business decisions.
  17. Dynamic Dashboards: To monitor work listings, job status.
  18. Full audit monitoring of all aspects relating to bookings and all changes / updates to booking information and status. Special requirement for insurance customers.
  19. Integration with Sage Accounts System: Integrate with accounts management system to manage customer interactions, track communication history, and personalize the booking experience, monitor all aspects of customer cost / payments.
  20. Integration with Thirds party vehicle data services, messaging and vehicle tracking systems: If applicable.


The above list is given as a bullet point featured requirement; more comprehensive details will be made available to successful tender enquiries.

Preferred software host and infrastructure.

Note: Systems to be hosted on Glass Assist Linux VPS.

Hosted: Linux with OS, suggested C Panel
System Language Preferred: Laravel
Database: MySQL

Please note; realistic cloud-based alternatives to the above will be considered.

Working with Glass Assist UK Ltd

To deliver this service, you will be expected to work closely with the OPL team, complementing its existing ways of working.

Next Steps

We are now inviting organisations and consultants to submit a proposal for this work.

Your proposal should include:

  • A brief description of your organisation/area of work;
  • A description of how you will approach the requirements for this work;
  • A short description of the expertise that would be applied to this work
  • Examples of any previous work which is relevant (maximum 2 examples);
  • A quote for this work including VAT and expenses.

Work carried out during tender response development is at the discretion of the individual organisation and no reimbursement is available for said work.

Quotations shall remain valid for a period of 90 days.

Glass Assist UK Ltd does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any quotation and reserves the right to accept a portion of any quotation unless the supplier expressly stipulates otherwise in their quotation.


Selection & Indicative Milestone Process

The following table represents the project timeline:

Deadline for Receipt of Proposals                                                –         5pm, 30th June 2024

Review proposals and seek any required clarifications           –         5pm, 8th July 2024

Presentation by shortlisted organisations if required              –         5pm, 9th July 2024

Presentation awarded                                                                     –         5pm, 10th July 2024


Additional Information and Tender / Bid Application Details

The following scoring criteria will be used to evaluate bids:

Understanding of project requirements – Weighting 30%

Relevant experience of staff to be involved in the project – Weighting 20%

Understanding of the business culture and working environment –    Weighting 10%

Value for money      – Weighting 30%

The value of this contract will be in the region of £80 – 90,000 (plus VAT)

Electronic version of the proposal must be emailed to Keith Flowers at keith@glassassistuk.co.uk  no later than 5pm, 30th June 2024

Any queries on the tender should be directed to Keith Flowers at keith@glassassistuk.co.uk