Collision Assist UK

A division of Glass Assist UK Ltd. Offering vehicle solutions for the diagnosis and calibration of driver assistance systems.

Mobile calibration services 


What is ADAS?

Designed to guarantee safety and comfort while driving, the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) are increasingly common in latest-generation vehicles.

Cameras, radars, LIDARs and sensors must be recalibrate when replaced, but even when actions that affect them are required, such as: replacing the windscreen, bumper, repairing the suspension, aligning the wheels, changing the tyres, replacing the engine control unit, etc.

Knowing how to intervene in this field requires skill to keep pace with the times and be able to offer customers first-class assistance.

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A complete 360-degree offer impossible to do without

We utilise TEXA solutions one of the UK’s leading calibration systems allowing our repair professionals to operate on these sophisticated active safety devices, with a complete multi- level service that covers:

        • Adaptive Cruise Control Calibration
        • Airbag Control Module Programming
        • All-Round Vision Camera Calibration
        • Blind Spot Detection System Calibration
        • Camera Module Programming
        • Car Key Programming
        • Emergency Braking System Calibration
        • Headlight Module Programming
        • Lane Assistance System Calibration
        • Lidar Calibration
        • Night Vision Assist Calibration
        • Radar Module Programming
        • Reversing Camera Calibration
        • Steering Rack Module Programming


TEXA’s solutions allow both static and dynamic calibrations and reset the ADAS correctly, guaranteeing the safety of the drivers and the technician who performs the diagnosis and calibrations.

The IDC5 software guides our technicians step-by-step throughout all the phases, thanks to the procedure sheets specifically developed for each vehicle, offering an extensive CAR and TRUCK coverage.

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